Sick of grey? The RED Amazon Echo is back in stock ahead of Black Friday

Unless you’re willing to spend extra on a woodgrain shell, the Amazon Echo smart speaker comes in your choice of grey, grey or grey (or heather grey, sandstone, or charcoal if you want to get specific about it).

Now, you’ve got another option, because starting today, the RED Edition Amazon Echo is back in stock, and available for pre-order right now with a ship date of Dec. 5.

It isn’t on sale, so you’ll have to buy it at its full $100 price, which might sting a little since you can currently get two Amazon Echo speakers for the same price as a special buy from QVC. That said, you can feel good about the fact that for each RED Echo sold, Amazon donates $10 to the Global Fund’s efforts to combat the spread of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


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